Our History

Oberon Company is currently run and owned by the second and third generation of the Hirschmann family. 
We are a manufacturing and technologically based company.
Oberon’s roots began in the early 1940s when Jack B. Hirschmann, Sr. founded H.L. Bouton Company.

A Commitment to Uncompromising Quality.

1942 Jack Bouton Hirschmann, Sr., establishes the family business for eye protection, H. L. Bouton Company. During World War II, Bouton produced goggles designed and developed by Jack B.Hirschmann, Sr. for the Air and Tank Corps. They also produced polarized sunglasses for the military under the Polaroid name

1957 At the age of 14, Jack B. Hirschmann, Jr., earned his first patent for a welding goggle.

1978 Jack Hirschmann, Jr., establishes Oberon as a spin-off of the original family business to focus on specific markets using space-age technology. The early faceshields were molded from cellulosic propionate in several models. The change to polycarbonate led to metalized (originally chrome, and then gold), scratch-resistant, scratch/anti-fog, cobalt, and didymium shields.

1985 Jack Hirschmann, Jr., develops the first arc flash faceshield in the world.

1987 Jack Hirschmann, Jr., develops the first arc flash hood working with the electric utility, Boston Edison. Oberon was drawn into the hood business because it had problem-solving shields that would meet the specific need that existing clear glass or plastic hood windows would not.

1995 Oberon conducts the first high voltage/arc flash testing at Ontario Hydro Testing Labs with DuPont™. The results revolutionize the understanding of arc flash hazards.

2001 Oberon releases its first generation of Arc-X™ protective windows, which allows Oberon to release its 100+ cal/cm² hood. The previous highest in the industry was Oberon’s 7 cal/cm² Gold mirrored window.


Oberon Fresh Air Hood Ventilation System™ and its Arc Cooling Vest™, the only arc tested cooling vest on the market, revolutionize comfort for the user.


Oberon releases its latest Arc-X™ windows with visibility and protection without equal in the industry.

Oberon releases its Arc100B™ suit (Ballistic suit), which provides 100+ cal/cm² protection while also providing Ballistic level protection from flying debris.


Oberon releases ARC140B™ the highest rated Arc Flash Protective Ballistic suit on the market; and the first to offer truly ballistic projectile protection to the user.

Oberon becomes a founding member of Z462 Committee, soon to be Canada’s first Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace


Research and Development of new TCG product line


Oberon releases the new TCG product line

TODAY  Because of its close personal attention, the Hirschmann name has come to stand for uncompromising quality in its safety products. When you buy an Oberon product, you can be assured of its performance.

Oberon now offers clothing for electrical workers and gas utility workers as well as heat reflective garments, faceshields and spectacles.

Many people ask what was the origin of the Oberon name. As a family, we had several criteria. One, we wanted a name that is phonetically spelled, recognizable, and short. “Oberon” is short, phonetically spelled, and recognizable, from King Oberon in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Merle Oberon, the actress, and Oberon, a moon of the planet Uranus. While it is not a name used everyday, people from many walks of life can find an association or familiarity to remember the name Oberon. Today in the safety industry, we are known for our innovative products, particularly face shields and arc protection.

To maintain consistent quality and delivery, Oberon manufactures its Specialty product line in the USA