Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, OSHA requires the individual to wear safety glasses under goggles, faceshields and welding helmets because the individual may lift the goggle, faceshield or welding helmet and be exposed without the safety glasses.

Yes, there are estimated 1,000 eye injuries occurring every day. Medical expenses, lost time, lost production, workmen’s compensation adds up to $300 million. This doesn’t include the price of adding up the price that the individual worker pays personally.

Assess the hazard, choose the window material is it a chemical splash, will the splash damage the window making it difficult to see. Polycarbonate offers excellent visual clarity, coated windows offer additional protection for splash, scratch resistance, heat, radiant energy and UV applications where UV is used to dry or sterilize products. If using a headgear make sure you adjust not only the size adjustment but the top adjustment that helps to place the shield at the right height. Make sure the window is properly secured so it doesn’t come off at a bad time.